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To restore mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and families to their original intent, so that families can be healthy again. To help the abused, the rejected, and the afflicted find real healing and break destructive cycles which destroy self-worth. To provide an environment that encourages growth, change, and pursuit of purpose.

The Conference
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MARCH 17-18
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Meet the Host

Pastor Sederia Ogden

A native of Rochester, New York, Sederia Ogden has served the Lord for over forty years. Sederia’s desire to take the gospel in to all the world has led her to both Jamaica and South Africa. Sederia preached in Mandela Park in Kingston, Jamaica, the country’s capital. When she opened her mouth, the Holy Ghost preached a word that caused people to come from everywhere to hear the Voice of Jehovah. Souls were saved and lives changed right there in the Park.  While in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sederia partnered with a local church to be God’s hands extended. She was able to preach, sing, minister, and pray over the 5 days she spent there.  Each time, God moved.  


Sederia’s lifelong mission has been to reach the lost. This passion has led her to evangelize in numerous shelters; group homes for youth; men and woman facilities; and Prison and Jail ministry. It was during one of those meetings that Birthing Season Orlando was born.A 501©3 organization, Birthing Season is a non-profit designed to meet the untold needs of an underserved community; those recently released from incarceration and the children of the incarcerated.It started with “Drive by For the Homeless” which provides food/hot meal for those in need. It grew to include gifts and baskets at Easter and Christmas and Back to School supplies for children of the incarcerated. Next, Birthing Season is planning to open “Straight Up Women’s Facility” to help women transition from brokenness to wholeness further expanding Sederia’s assignment to bring healing and restoration to God’s people. You will hear that passion come through the message she carries.


She is an author, a CEO and psalmist.  She is submitted to her covering and accountable to Arise Apostolic Network, Apostle Sonya Thompson and Prophet Rich Vera.  She is called to intercession and a woman of prayer.  

Meet the Host
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